Aéroport de Tahiti (ADT) is certified ISO 9001

Aéroport de Tahiti (ADT) is certified ISO 9001
In early 2014, ADT engaged itself in an ISO 9001 certification process for which an audit was conducted by AFNOR PACIFIC from the 14 to 18 of March 2016. This project helped to initiate a reexamination at all levels of the company by putting the customer at the heart of all attentions.

To allow its implementation, the general policy of the company ADT was redefined around 5 major objectives and 2 transverse levers aiming to strengthen the role of our airports as an economic development tool for French Polynesia.

They are formalized in the letter of commitment, fundamental document on which rest the quality management system. It focuses on 15 processes that cover the activities of ADT and the effectiveness and the performance are henceforth measured by a series of indicators

The approach has led to an awareness and information campaign on the principles of continuous amelioration and customer culture among all employees of the company ADT.

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