Antwerp Airport introduces its first ever airport newspaper

Antwerp Airport introduces its first ever airport newspaper
“Luchthav(en) buurt” is the Flemish title of the newspaper and means as much as ”airport and neighborhood”.

The newspaper was launched to inform everyone living in the proximity of the airport about flights, aircraft emissions, destinations, history, employees and events taking place at the airport. The newspaper that consists of 8 pages, is also packed with goodies such as coupons for free drinks and croissants. The main goal of the newspaper is to get the local community more closely involved with the airport and to inform our neighbors about various activities in and around the airport. 5,000 copies were printed and delivered in the local letterboxes by a group of volunteers.  The newspaper will be published twice a year. The response has been tremendous, so much so that we will be introducing the same concept for Ostend-Bruges airport later this year. 

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