Libreville Airport is entering the social networks!

Libreville Airport is entering the social networks!
Conscious of the fact that the social networks are becoming an inevitable tendency and in order to be as close as possible to our clients, ADL has launched their new Facebook page since the beginning of the year.

The advantages of this form of social media oriented communication are already being felt: optimizing the reputation of ADL and promoting the various services, assuring the references of its all new internet site by systematically proposing pages redirecting surfers to the website, informing its visitors of airport events in real time.

In order to follow up on this activity, reports are written every quarter and up to the present, ADL has already recruited 5,512 fans, with an average of 9000 people reading each article. For the upcoming months, ADL intends to increase even more the number of publications per week and the number of people visiting the site, through fan recruiting campaigns, the first of which in August allowed the airport to attract 2,600 new fans!

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