New departure hall at Ostend-Bruges Airport

New departure hall at Ostend-Bruges Airport
The security zone has been extended, a VIP lounge was created and passengers on airside are able to enjoy several catering and shopping facilities.

The passenger terminal of the airport of Ostend-Bruges has been upgraded. The impact of the attacks of 22 March 2016 at regional airports and the increasing demand of passengers to depart from regional airports has lead to major investments. The exterior of the terminal is renovated and € 1,000,050 has been invested in a new airside departure hall.

The airport joined forces with Erasmus Catering Services, based in Rotterdam. A company with almost 80 years of experience in the catering world, both airline catering services as well as pubs and restaurants. 


This include an additional conveyor belt for the luggage of passengers. “If you only have one and it does not work, then you have a problem,” said CEO Marcel Buelens.

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